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Blue Legs Wins!


Small magazine wins big award

Best Cover award goes to independent magazine "for the woman who dares"

Moxie Magazine, published out of an attic loft in Berkeley, astonished the audience and its publisher at LA's Maggie Award ceremony at the Folio: conference on April 14 by winning the award for Best Cover. Designed for smart, gutsy women who want an alternative to fashion, sex, and beauty magazines, the publication was up against corporate giants Sunset, San Francisco Magazine, Southwest Air's "Spirit" and America West.

Bursting with positive, upbeat, first-person stories, Moxie's themed issues provide vibrant, often feisty examples of real women doing real things in the real world. Sometimes called the NPR of women's magazines, these stories inspire moxie -- courage, guts, and grit -- in women who are putting together lives that work.

The award-winning cover is the antithesis of those found on mainstream women's magazines. Instead of the usual close-up of an airbrushed female face, it features "Blue Legs" -- a painting by Judy Theo Lehner that pictures a woman's legs clad in blue tights and high-heels, with just a glimpse of her short, red skirt at the top. The subject's face and body are not shown, but her bold, saucy stance conveys exactly what Moxie is all about.

"I'm sure the reason Moxie won is because this cover image is unique," said Emily Hancock, editor and publisher of the independent quarterly, which distributes fewer than 10,000 copies across the country. "Judy Lehner is dynamite."

  Moxie's Identity Issue

Front Cover

Back Cover

Lehner's paintings are also featured on the covers of Moxie's  Identity issue. The front cover pictures a blonde being driven through the hills of California by a red wolf in a black jaguar convertible. On the back, the woman is at the wheel. "That's the shift we want our readers to experience as a result of reading Moxie," Hancock chuckles. "We want to help put them in the driver's seat."

Two of Lehner's paintings, shown below, can be found in Moxie's current issue, Ties that Bind, Bindings that Break.

Blonde on Purple Couch

Judy Theo Lehner's Red Wolf Studio/Gallery is located in Sonoma, CA.   Contact her at 707-996-5111 (Pacific Time) or e-mail her at