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The work of John Hodder

John Hodder is an Englishman with a deep affection for the lands of the American South West. Mostly he has worked in publishing but also as a gardener and lately as a fork-lift truck driver. He recently completed his HND in drawing & is soon to take a BA in the same. He tends to reserve his drawing for figure studies and photography [B/W infrared] for landscape. Hence his studies of the South West - but, he says, "John Ford did it better!" [Moxie is not at all sure about that...] 

We are proud to make his work available to Moxie's readers. Finished prints are available in black and white, sepia, or cyan[blue], ranging in size from 4" x 6" to 7.33" x  11." Prices range from $40 - $75, which can be charged via PayPal.

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Viewers should contact for more info.