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winter 2000
  Moxie's Identity Issue

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Who Are You?

That's the big question, isn't it?

As American women, we're free to define ourselves in a myriad of ways. We complain about media ideals of female perfection, but we live in a culture that prizes individuality and self-direction, and allows us a plethora of choices about where to go, what to do, who to hook up with, and how to live. Though "finding yourself" is not the obsession it used to be, identity is the key to making these choices. Defining ourselves from the inside out is a task we work at time and again as we process our lives as women.

So who are you, and who are you not? How are you like your contemporaries, and how are you different? What defines you as a woman? What do you take from the culture's stereotypes, and what do you leave by the wayside?

This issue of Moxie is filled with stories about what it's like to grow up female in China, Haiti, South Africa, Eastern Europe, Britain, or the Middle East. It includes the story of a woman whose identity is lost to the role she plays as a trophy girlfriend, another whose sense of self falters when she stands on the brink of motherhood, and one who becomes an instant celebrity when she kicks the goal that wins the Women's World Cup Championship.

As you choose the direction you will travel at the cusp of the millennium, we hope that these stories will help you draw on the energies of the wolf at the wheel of the roadster on our front cover, and put yourself in the driver's seat, like the woman you'll find on the back.


Emily Hancock

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inside / the identity issue, winter 2000


brandi chastain

instant celebrity
by katherine barr

happy days

idolizing pinky tuscadero
by paula wehmeyer

age as a state of mind

is turning 30 really "nothing"?
by tracey porpora

birth day tape
filming the birth thing
by beverly lucey

slipping backwards into childhood
by nini diana

baby trey's daddy
who is the father of this beauty queen's baby?
by d.g.k. goldberg

a nice girl's story

is beauty a prerequisite to being loved?
by aileen suquila-santos

dark alleys and paula
avoiding the victim's stance
by lori myers

chinese cappuccino
growing up female in china
by sabina brady

manifest identity

growing up black in a white world
by roxane gay

giving up men
swearing off male attention
by kate convissor
  fear of falling
taking the plunge into motherhood
by erica myers-russo

sexual healer

teaching couples in cairo how to love
by april thompson

the worm
losing a breast but gaining strength
by leslie gurowitz

daddy never got an education
being the daughter of an immigrant
by jennifer wilks

trophy girlfriend
giving up a sense of self for a man
by suzi parker

one jewish boy
finding just one jewish boy
by leora harling

playing hitler and the jew
being taunted in grade school for being a jew
by charlotte cook

tribulation's own sweet boy
growing up in the deep south
by d.g.k. goldberg

single at a couples resort
traveling solo in a sea of couples
by deborah hunt


homage to honeyed words
by nicole george

camel with a twist
by deborah boxer

were i a saint
by christy lumm

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