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We hate to admit it, but it doesn't look as though we will be able to go back to publishing Moxie in print, at least on any regular basis. The last print issue Moxie published, Ties that Bind, Bindings that Break, came out in February 2001.

We've learned the hard way that advertisers just don't get what Moxie's all about. They want slick, glossy "environments " for their beauty products, and they are desperately afraid of putting their ads in a magazine that features women who stray from their target consumer: one who will go to any lengths to play into the hands of a man. Now that's a long way from a magazine for the woman who dares, isn't it?

We're collecting stories now for a special edition of the "Best of Moxie" but that's at least a year away. In the meantime, Moxie is going full steam ahead with its online edition.

Filled with hundreds of stories of women who live boldly, pursue adventures, take risks, and provide others with vibrant role models in the process, encourages moxie - courage, guts, and grit - in women who are putting together lives that work in the real world.

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And remember, Moxie is a work in progress. Tell us what you'd like to see in the online magazine. Send us your stories! Submit your work via e-mail so it can be circulated among Moxie's editors.


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