What is MoXie?

Moxie: Courage, guts, aggressive energy, know-how, skill, initiative.

Who is Moxie for?

Moxie is designed for smart, gutsy women who don't need a quiz to figure out what to do in bed. (Hey, if that's what you want, you can stop reading here, and run to the store for a copy of Cosmo. Any issue will do;  this "story" repeats every month.) Moxie readers want stories that tell them something about how to put together a life that works. 

What we want...

Moxie's features celebrate women who are living boldly, pursuing adventures, taking risks, and providing others with vibrant role models in the process.  We like first-person stories that mirror women's strengths, especially those that provide vibrant, feisty examples of real women doing real things in the real world.

Do you have a Moxie story to tell?

Instead of turning to staff writers, we publish stories by and about you
--- our readers.  Many Moxie authors have never written for publication before, so don't feel afraid to submit something if it's your first time.  (Hey, everybody's a virgin at some point.)  If you've had a moxie experience --- one that involved courage, guts, and grit --- write it up as a story and email it to emily@moxiemag.com.  Guidelines for submitting a story are here.

Fiction? Poetry? Personal essays?

You bet. We're among the very few magazines that publish these forms.  Just be sure to indicate whether your piece is fiction or non-fiction. Lots of our stories are a combination of the two
--- real-life events, slightly fictionalized. If that's what you send to us, tell us that, too.
Unique Stories on the Web

While most magazines simply post a few of the stories from their print editions on their websites, Moxie has always published unique content on the web. If you've read the magazine on paper, you'll find completely different articles on our website. And if you've read articles on the website, you'll find completely different content in the print edition of Moxie. Moxie's editors choose which pieces will be published, and where each piece will go.

Who Are Moxie's Editors?

Moxie's all-volunteer posse of editors plows through scores of submissions each month to cull the best of the best for Moxie.

Emily Hancock, Moxie's founding editor, began her career as a developmental editor when she was on the editorial board of The Harvard Educational Review. The author of The Girl Within, a book about women's identity development that is based on her doctoral research at Harvard, she has also published a number of articles in professional journals as well as popular print and online magazines.  A long, long time ago she scripted, edited, and narrated Somewhere To Go, a documentary about parents of children with Down's Syndrome. Besides writing and editing for Moxie, she has edited magazines as disparate as Mothering, The Natural Family Living Magazine, and Diablo, a glossy lifestyle magazine. She now works as a writing coach.

Sapna Gandhi graduated from Saint Mary's College of California with a degree in English and Women's Studies. Her passions include literature, film, music, dance, writing and the propagation of feminist thought, banter, and activism!

Nicole George lives in Oakland and loves her cats, yoga, and playing in the woods far more than she loves her editing job.

Lisa Rigamonti is a Leo and as such a great lover of the arts, the sun, and getting her own way. She pays her bills by working as a technical writer at a biotechnology company.

Jordan Rosenfeld is a freelance writer (always for hire). She has dabbled in journalism, flirted with memoir, and finds she is inextricably married to fiction. She is in the process of shopping her novel "Stranger in the Door" to agents, and will continue to write quirky, bizarre, uncomfortable stories so long as she has opposable thumbs. Visit her website, www.thewritelife.com, if you want her assistance with consulting or editing, or would like to sign up for her creative writing courses in Northern California.

Kristina Wong is a news reporter and lover of the arts. Currently attending UCLA, she is interning at KABC-TV in pursuit of a possible career in broadcasting - but she will always remain loyal to her writing, drawing, dancing, and thespian roots.

Elizabeth Zipper graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Journalism. She is the editorial intern at WireTap (http://www.wiretapmag.org/) and supports her journalism career by working at a hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco. She is currently in love with riding cable cars and loathes construction.

Linda Weissinger Lupowitz is a poet and photographer living in New Mexico. A graduate of Smith College, she and healer-husband Robert went way out west to practice chiropractic and to home-birth and homeschool three children. She has been associate editor of Taos Magazine, Rio Grande, and Mothering Magazine.

Colleen O'Brien graduated from Stanford with a B.A. in English with a creative writing emphasis. She lives in San Francisco and is interning at Mother Jones Magazine.

Jillian Heffron earned a BA in English from the University of Iowa. She enjoys overanalyzing people, life and love with anyone willing to join in. She has yet to find her true calling in life, but is currently just enjoying the ride.

Marianne Luft studied art at Reed College, and her drawings have been published in the Barnes & Noble Classics series. She moved to New York in 2001, and is currently training as a jack-of-all-trades in publishing. She loves volunteering for plucky women's magazines, and, in addition to Moxie, is working it at ROCKRGRL and Women Writers. She also likes to sew.

Want editorial feedback on your work?

Most magazines simply send out a one or two line letter when they make a decision about your work. But Moxie's editors are prepared to provide comments on your writing! If you would like their virtual feedback, send a check for $25 to Moxie or click on the PayPal button below to charge the fee to your credit card.

Want a virtual critique from Moxie's editor in chief?
Send a check for $50 to Moxie or charge it via PayPal.

Last But Not Least...

Sean DeSantis serves as our webmaster and maintains order at Moxiemag.com. He graduated from the U of Michigan with a BFA in painting but is most often found in front of some computer. Based in Chicago, he spends most of his time scheming, sleeping, or seeking full-time employment (in addition to his work here, of course).

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